Google Webmaster Tools, recently renamed to Google Search Console, is a free Google service that helps you to trace your site’s presence in Google search results. Google Webmaster Registration helps you to understand, how Google views your site and what you need to optimize for your site to has a higher rank in your keywords.

What can you check out with Google Webmaster Tools?

• With this service, we will ensure that Google has the necessary access to our site.

• Posting new content and crawling it with Google, as well as deleting content you don’t want to be displayed in Google results.

• Maintain a site with the lowest error rate to make it more efficient in the Google search engine.

• Monitor and fix site security issues including malware and spam.

• Which keywords can drive more visits to your site? Is the price of your site’s products, contacts or events visible in Google results?

• Which site is linked to your site?

• Is the mobile version of your site optimized? • Add and review sitemap • List of broken site links.

how to active Google Search Console through Cloud Flare?

In this post from Owlpedia, we will teach you how to activate this powerful Google tool through Cloud Flare and C-Panel.
To do this, you need a Gmail account and access to your Cloud Flare account. Click on the link below and then, click on the “start now” button and log in with your Gmail. On the next page, enter your site address without www or HTTP and click on the “continue” button.


At this step, you need to prove ownership of your site to Google. Click on the “Copy” button on the new page to copy your special characters for the Verify.
Now, in another browser tab, log in to your Cloud Flare account and click on the DNS tab.
Now click on the + add record button. Select TXT as shown in the image below from the Type menu.
Type the @ character in the Name box. In the content box, paste the characters you copied into Google’s console and click save.


Go back to the console search and click on the verify button.
If you have done all the steps correct, you will get the following message.


Click on the “go to property” button to enter the search console.
It takes about 72 hours for your panel to be updated for the first time.

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