If you are a bit familiar with the design world, especially web design, you will often come across Ui and Ux. Two strings that always come together. But what does this mean? If you ask ten people what is UI and UX? You will hear ten different answers. Most people, those who design the look of a site or web app, call it “UI UX work”. But is this the right definition? Do we have UI UX at all?

UI and UX

We limit the discussion to the web and application environment, but UI and UX apply to all companies. Wherever the product and user (audience) are concerned, there are certainly two concepts of user experience design and interface design. What about UI UX? Some may think the two are essentially one, or both are one person’s job, something like HTML and CSS that always come together and are both used by the web designer. But not at all. Even in small companies, one person is designing the user experience and the other is designing the interface. Because they are so different!

What is UX?

In short, UX stands for User Experience and means user experience. User Experience Designer seeks to improve the user experience of working with a site, product or service. That is, if I am a user experience planner somewhere, I need to know all the paths that the audience reaches us, guess all the scenarios that may be coming to the audience, and try to have the user experience ideal in all of these paths, and of course along the way. This experience achieves the goals we are aiming at (ie, guiding the user in the direction we want). As you can see, this is a kind of research and its output is a series of suggestions and solutions that are given to other parts of the company. Improving UX can have a huge impact on our business revenue.

What is UI?

On the other hand, the UI stands for User Interface and means UI. Interface design means designing parts of the digital product that the user sees and uses. The UI practitioner deals with graphic designs and putting them into the site. That is, part of it is done by the graphic artist who is designing the site or app, and the other part is by the front end developer who implements the final design.

In the next articles, we discuss differences and how to start Design UX and UI.

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