At the beginning of the user interface design and user experience, identifying the tools available and choosing among them is one of the most important steps. There is much software such as Sketch, Sigma, invision studio, etc. that can help you design the interface, but choosing is always the hardest step. Another of the latest and most popular tools is Adobe XD. This article discusses the reasons for choosing this software and its benefits.

Adobe XD uses the Creative-cloud ecosystem

Adobe is the master of harmony! I use seven Adobe programs regularly. when I go from Aftereffects to Photoshop and from Photoshop to Illustrator I feel like going from one sister to another sister! Sister with the same mood, you can open a special account with all of her family when you choose Adobe XD!

Adobe XD Supports files and clipboards of Photoshop and Illustrator

Suppose you are designing an icon in Illustrator, select an icon, copy it to the clipboard (ctrl + c), and paste it into Adobe XD! All layers, gradients, colors, boards and … everything is supported! This blessing is like health! Unless you are deprived of it you will not realize its worth, when you copy from a vector software and paste it into a PNG clipboard destination you will feel it! Also, the PSD and ai extensions are supported directly on xd.

Adobe XD Progress

The basic version of XD had almost nothing but basic drawing tools! But in less than a year, after a few updates, the power and flexibility of the software have multiplied! At the time of writing this article, Adobe X is not only lagging behind any of its competitors but is well within reach! And in addition to the features, it has unique features that make each design fall in love with it; a designer may not have worked with Photoshop and Illustrator for a while and, despite his different appearance to XD, feels strange!

Free XD! And available on Windows and Mac

The need to be cross-platform for a UI design software more than any other software; the design you do should be available to all programmers, project managers, front-end developers, and others if your software Not available for Windows Not everyone can access the design easily and effortlessly.


As soon as Adobe made it possible to write plug-ins for XD in one update, all companies and software teams quickly deployed their plug-ins. XD has a dedicated plugin panel, and with the click of any plug-in is in your browser. At the time of writing, just a few months have passed since the number of plugins has reached close to a thousand, many of which work very well, doubling the power of the software.

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