One of the most popular browsers that launched in the last few years and now has over 9 million active users is the Cryptotab browser. The advantage of this browser in addition to its high speed is the ability to mine bitcoin, which is an excellent source of revenue for users of this browser. You can start mining bitcoin by installing it with your laptop or personal computer. Also, you can receive a referral commission in return for introducing this browser to your friends up to 10 levels according to the below percent.

To get started, just follow the below steps.
Install the software and get started
1-Click on the link below

2- On the site, you should just click on the blue button marked with an arrow according to the below image

3- As shown in the figure below, first click on the blue button (# 1) and accept the cryptocurrency terms, then click on the downloaded file (# 2) and click on the opened tab “Run” button and install the Cryptotab browser.

4-Click on the marked icon on the opened page

5-On this Bitcoin mining page, you can share part or all of your system’s processing power with the Cryptotab browser, mine bitcoin and enjoy your income.

  1. In this section, we will explain the different parts of the bitcoin mining page.
    Part 1: Total Amount of your Bitcoin
    Section 2: Leverage to setting the usage amount of your system hash power. if you drag this lever to the MAX, it means that we set more hash power for mining and more bitcoin can be mined with your system.
    Part 3: The amount of bitcoin that you mined only with the help of your system
    Section 4: The amount of bitcoin you have earned as referral commission.
    Section 5: Number of your Referrals
    Section 6: your referral link.

Just copy the link and invite your friends to get started.

withdraw mined bitcoins into the wallet
1. To withdraw the bitcoin, you need to have at least 0.00001 BTC.
Click on the three lines as shown below and then select Withdraw

On the opened page, you can enter Bitcoin amount and your bitcoin wallet address and click the withdraw button. Your request will be registered and will be deposited into your Bitcoin account in less than 24 hours without any fees.