(If you set Bitcoin address when you signed up, start with Step 11 onwards)

1.login to the faucethub site and from the menu click on the login option:


2.Enter your username and password

3.Enter text of the image in input box

  1. click on the login.
  1. Click on the Users option in the menu
  2. Select the User Dashboard 
  3. Click on the Wallet Addresses 
  4. In the Currency section, select a currency that you want to register your wallet address. Here we choose Bitcoin 
  5. Enter your Bitcoin wallet address at Link a new address after selecting Currency 
  6. Click on Link This Address+ to register your wallet address. 

if you did it correctly, The following message will be displayed:

  1. Click on the login, in MoreMoney.io 
  2. Enter your username and password and click on Google’s Recaptcha and click on login.
  1. Click the Edit Account option 
  2. Enter the same bitcoin address you entered in the faucethub 15. Enter your account password 
  3. And finally, click on the Update payment Info

if you did all steps correctly, The following message will be displayed:


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