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Create publisher account in Brave and Verify your website

Introduction Brave is the name of the browser created by Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript programming language and co-founder of FireFox, and has many benefits including speed, privacy respect, no display advertising and other benefits that you can check out this browser's many advantages over other browsers, including Firefox and

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What is Google Search Console? And how to active Google Search Console through Cloud Flare?

Introduction Google Webmaster Tools, recently renamed to Google Search Console, is a free Google service that helps you to trace your site's presence in Google search results. Google Webmaster Registration helps you to understand, how Google views your site and what you need to optimize for your site to

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How to setup Cloudflare?

Cloudflare 1-Click on the link below to open the Cloudflare website. 2- Click on the sign up button. 3- Enter your desired email and password and click on the create account button 4- Enter the URL of your website and click on the add site button.

What is Cloudflare and what are the benefits?

Cloudflare Security and optimization will be the two keywords we describe in what Cloudflare is and how it works. In essence, when a website comes up with CloudFlare, all site traffic passes through the company's vast network. Cloudflare optimizes the transfer of your website information to speed up your website pages loading and