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Create publisher account in Brave and Verify your website

Introduction Brave is the name of the browser created by Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript programming language and co-founder of FireFox, and has many benefits including speed, privacy respect, no display advertising and other benefits that you can check out this browser's many advantages over other browsers, including Firefox and

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Write your first contract in solidarity

Various integrated development environments (IDEs) have been implemented for writing smart contracts. the simplest being the Remix user interface developed by the Ethereum team, available online from here. On the first page that appears, select the Solidity environment to display the Icon Panel on the left of all features related to this environment.

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What is Google Search Console? And how to active Google Search Console through Cloud Flare?

Introduction Google Webmaster Tools, recently renamed to Google Search Console, is a free Google service that helps you to trace your site's presence in Google search results. Google Webmaster Registration helps you to understand, how Google views your site and what you need to optimize for your site to

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User Interface design by Adobe XD

Introduction At the beginning of the user interface design and user experience, identifying the tools available and choosing among them is one of the most important steps. There is much software such as Sketch, Sigma, invision studio, etc. that can help you design the interface, but choosing is always the hardest step. Another

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How to set Faucethub address in

 (If you set Bitcoin address when you signed up, start with Step 11 onwards) 1.login to the faucethub site and from the menu click on the login option: 2.Enter your username and password 3.Enter text of the image in input box click on the login. Click on the Users option in

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  • bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? Second Part

Bitcoin mining In the previous part of the Bitcoin article, we discussed principles of it. In this article, we are going to explain how to create new bitcoin. When you want to send some bitcoin from your wallet to your friend's wallet, this transaction information is transmitted to the bitcoin network (sender's address,

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  • solidity

What is Solidity?

Introduction Solidity is a high-level programming language designed for blockchain developers. A solidity programming language allows developers to write and implement smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. It's a relatively new language, much like the C ++, Python, and JavaScript scripts, and seems to have a good marketplace for professionals. If you